26 MAIO 2024

Globalization and the Thirty Years Indexing in Brazil

Globalization has finally and really arrived: the Wall Street implosion with the 2006/15 subprime crisis and the global banking and government frauds to rescue banks had and still have the potential to generate a fiscal crisis whose outcome could be the beginning of a high inflation period in the first world or worse: a global hyperinflation like in Hitler's Germany.

The lack of regulation for global civil life equal to civilian life in different States is the key to the current implosion of capitalism, what has gradually opened the door to communism whose flag has been raised by swindlers everywhere in order to establish civilian dictatorships. The decline of THIRD WORLD spreads now for FIRST WORLD and jeopardizes the Western way of life, jeopardizing civilization, which degrades towards ANARCHY.

This site, on the air since July 2009, was set up to deal with the financial crisis that hit the United States since 2008 and that has jeopardized the world economy, threat of systemic collapse due to hyperinflation. It was created by the author of the unique book about the inflation in Brazil, a law bachelor ANDRÉ DE OLIVEIRA GUIMARÃES.

The book Globalization and Thirty years of indexing in Brazil of ANDRÉ DE OLIVEIRA GUIMARÃES is the only one that counts in detail (and really) how a country lived with three decades of high inflation and hyperinflation, a situation that can now occur in the first world and comes since 2008 being delayed with money printing and negative interest rates in the United States, a situation that lasted for seven years until now (mid-2015).

The book "Globalization and thirty years of indexing in Brazil" of André de Oliveira Guimarães, JAC - Graphic & publisher, São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil, published in 2000 is a historic, political, legal, economic, financial and sociological SCRIPT on inflation in Brazil. It can be downloaded free in PDF format by clicking the link below. It is a gentle taste of what might have happened to the United States from 2008. There will be an English version in future that is almost ready.

Since 2009 we are working on an exclusive book about the financial crisis of 2006/15 in US and will be available for free download here also when it's finished. With the end of monetary stability in Brazil, closed a period of almost 20 years (1994-2014) of low inflation.

Now, 2015 and so forth, the country will live a continuing rise in the inflation level and the end of the several types of medium and long term financing, with the economy returning to the ruins of 1993 (corruption, fiscal irresponsibility), being buried forever all economic progress created by the Real Plan of 1994.

This site, created in 2009 to deal the US crisis, unfortunately, now also moves on to the back to deal on hyperinflation in Brazil, which has become a CIVIL DICTATORSHIP since 2003. Went nearly 20 years of economic stability since 1994. Global hyperinflation, hyperinflation in Brazil, capitalism, communism, state, dictatorship, global governance, globalization and anarchy; are the affairs of this site.

The goal here is only to discuss the issues to hobby title, having as target the fallen souls enthusiasts of the dirty game of power, of the politics and of the economy, which in the end is a novel, but better than the ones of television, with very more excitement. For us here, it is fun. Saiba mais...

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A Globalização e os Trinta Anos de Indexação no Brasil

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